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Friends v People

I saw this quote on pinterest and it stopped me right there and I thought how many? How many places do I go or have I lived that I walk by, I don't smile, I rush through a strore, I put my head down so I don't make eye contact. I am guilty of all of these. I hate that. The world is full of hate, but its also FULL OF LOVE. People have stories, they have hearts, even those who aren't as nice as we want them to be. This has made me realize that I want to live more like Jesus, more LOVE. I want to notice and care about others. I have read the quote everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle, and its true. Battles are different, loses are different. People handle things differently. Its a slow and humbling process to realize that you need people and those people wether they show it or not are just as broken as you are.

Ive always treasured being a nurse because I think God called me at a young age to serve others, but my service to others doesn't have to be within the h…

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