Destin, FL

We are here, we have moved. Transition is the worst time in my opinion. We were so blessed to be able to spend time at our families houses and now we live at the beach! Wow! That is really cool.

We have been to the beach twice now. Mattie is in love. She loves the beach. Mason went walking toward the water laughing. I loved it. I don't think he is scarred at all..... Looking forward to summer.

Today was my first day in my full time role.... Stay at home Mom at the beach. It is a blessing. You can be spotted from near and far if you are not a local. My goal is to not be so obvious that I am not from here.... The high today 63. I put their jackets on and headed to the park. Mattie was playing with a new little friend and I looked down and she had no shoes on. I asked her where her shoes were and she said mommy its hot. I get the winning ticket. I took her jacket off and she ran barefoot with short sleeves and leggings in 63 degree weather :) I assured another mom there that eventually I'll figure out how to dress my kids in Florida :)
 We have been working on who is a girl and who is a boy...  Not so good when Mattie points at a little boy around 6 years old, who is obviously a boy and yells Mom, girl. What do you do when you want to hide?

Mason is walking pretty good now, a little unstable but he is catching on quick! I got asked today for the second time if they were twins. He said they look just alike!!


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