War eagle!!!!!

We've had lots of things going on this week! We had cows in our neighborhood. Pictures below. We had a auburn v. tennessee tailgate party at our house. we had a tv outside, played latterball and watched football all day!! War Eagle!
We went to the Titans game today! Go Titans! They are 4-0! We are so proud!
The kittens have been spoiled this week. They got a new play house safari and new halloween toys. They are so precious. I never thought I would love my cats like i do, but i do. Max is still the cuddler. He is so big!
Michael and I are doing great. Just working and living life. We are having a wonderful time and are treasuring every moment we get. I love ya'll all! Please continue to pray for healing of Michaels moms facial paralysis.
Love you- Melanie
Me and my friends triplets. I painted their faces! War Eagle!
Some of the food and my tiger pitcher
More food!
Jay eating chicken wings
Max and Tally playing with their halloween toys I bought them- see the pumpkin
My War Eagle Cat
The cows in our side yard!!
More cows
My cats new play safari


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