Not even 24 hours after surgery!

Praise god, Mrs. Eidson did well through her surgery. Last night she was tired but she awnsered all of our questions. She had some nausea and alot of pain. She is still in the SICU. We will know more later today about when she might move to another room. All her vital signs look great. They are very impressed by the results of her surgery. They will have to follow up with radation but they got enough so that she will not have to have another surgery. She does have some right side paralysis. She has tone in her face so the doctor said that was encouraging! PLEASE PRAY THAT THE CRANIAL NERVE WILL HEAL SO THAT THE RIGHT SIDE PARALYSIS WILL GO AWAY AND IT WON'T REQUIRE ANOTHER SURGERY TO FIX IT. We get to go back there again at 11. We are all in the waiting room. Brandon had to leave this morning so please pray for safe travels for him. He is going with his team at Auburn to Ohio to compete their lawnmower robot. They plan to get her up walking today and she might get to have some broth. Please continue to pray for all of us. It has been exhausting, but we all feel very blessed with the results and we are very thankful for the doctors and nurses. They have been a blessing. I will update again later and let you know what our plans are. Please continue to pray for a speedy and smooth recovery.

All our love. Resting in Gods promises,
Melanie and Michael
Mike and Brandon Eidson


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